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What is Amateur Radio?

Radio equipment used for two-way communications by private individuals as leisure-time activity, also known as “ham” radio. Loosely included are numerous other activities such as amateur television, emergency communications, computer based systems, satellite communications, Moon-bounce, in fact the list is as endless as the definition is amorphous!

People from all over the world and of all ages participate in this activity sharing information, studying propagation, testing equipment, developing new methods and modes for communication, and of course making great friends. Language is no barrier as ashamedly English is a universal language, but what better way to learn a new language than make friends over the air and communicate with them!

Many people who take part are professional engineers where “radio” forms part of their career, but there are arguably many more people involved for whom Amateur Radio is just a leisure pursuit. You get out what you put in is as true here as anywhere else. It is possible to buy all the required equipment off-the-shelf, build it all yourself from hundreds of freely available sources of designs, or a combination of both.

Another good source of equipment is from ex-government or ex-laboratory sales, where a wide range of high quality products can be obtained and subsequently repaired, restored, and modified successfully for amateur use at a fraction of their original purchase price.

However you come into the hobby there is sure to be a place for your special interests, and there will always be somebody ready and willing to give whatever encouragement you need to get “on the air” and enjoy this truly global community: see you soon…..

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