Items for SALE

1) ICOM IC-706MKllG DSP HF/VHF/UHF multimode transceiver.

This radio has been owned by me from brand new, and the only modification I have done is the usual addition of 100 ohm resistor to keep the fan running slowly at all times: this helps to make the radio run cooler. I can supply photographs of this modification if you want to see how the job was done.

It is in superb unmarked condition, only used on CW: even the microphone, dc filter, and ICOM supplied accessories are still factory wrapped in the original ICOM packaging.

The radio was opened up by ICOM UK for wide band tx. CW narrow filter, high stability oscillator, and DSP module, all Icom-fitted from new.

I shall supply the original ICOM instruction manual, and original ICOM service information which is on CD. If I can find the original invoice to show the specification I shall also supply that: as “Q” would say: this radio is fully loaded.

The radio really is unmarked, and I believe this is the closest you will ever come to buying this radio in as-new condition.

In tip-top working condition, complete with original ICOM packaging, I shall only entertain realistic offers via email.

2) ICOM IC-2800H VHF/UHF FM transceiver.

This is a highly sought-after radio: dual-band VHF & UHF FM, purchased for one of my communications training projects.

There are some small scratch marks on the front panel (not on the display), and some light marks on the rear heat-sink where I scraped off some hot glue which I accidentally dropped there ☹

The display is clear and bright with no bits missing, and the (new ICOM) microphone included is the latest ICOM recommended item for this radio. Included in this sale is a brand new unused genuine ICOM microphone extension cable.

The radio was given a clean bill of health by Icom UK some time ago, used for a short time, then stored.

In good working order, with original ICOM packaging and ICOM instruction manual.

Open to sensible offers and prefer buyer collects.

3) TRIO TR-9130 VHF 2 metre multimode transceiver.

This popular VHF multimode 25 watt 144-146 MHz transceiver was purchased for one of my communications training projects.

The radio has a few small marks and scratches on it but the front panel is relatively unmarked.
Included in the sale is the original TRIO microphone, and a short TRIO dc power lead with XLR4 pin plug attached.

In good working order, with original TRIO instruction manual: sorry I don’t have the original packaging on this occasion.

Open to sensible offers.

4) Apple Mac PowerBook G4 1 GHz; 1.25 Gb RAM, 12 inch screen. Owned from new, perfect condition with all the bits as supplied in Apple box.

No reasonable offer refused.

5) Targus carrying case for the Mac in mint condition.

6) Nokia N 95 mobile handset; owned from new in excellent condition. I have two for sale.

7) TOSHIBA A-300 laptop, dual cpu, 3 Gb RAM, 380 Gb hard drive. In good working order except for the usual fault – the integral webcam will not load up.

This is probably due to a damaged cable between the main board and the display panel – a reasonable problem to fix according to forums on the Internet.

An economical computer in go-mode, works well with external webcam when required: any offers?

8) I B M Laptop type T 42 owned from new in good cosmetic condition with intermittent video problem.

This is a well known fault with this particular laptop but with the correct equipment it is repairable and you will have a very reliable rugged computer.

For parts or repair, open to reasonable offers.

For all these items contact me here and make a sensible offer: we need the space and it would be good to see these items go to someone who will use them.

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Remembering RMS TITANIC

It was on the night of 14-15 April 1912 the distress call “CQ de MGY” was (incorrectly) sent out. There were two radio officers Senior Radio Officer Jack Phillips and assistant Second Radio Officer Harold Bride. Their Marconi equipment included a 5 kW rotary spark transmitter into a 4-wire aerial mounted between the ship masts. The operational range had been tested to 400 miles in daylight and in excess of 2000 miles at night time.

In 1906 the internationally agreed distress call was “SOS”: there is no official meaning behind these letters despite many anecdotes. It is purely a procedural preamble with the three letters being run together without spaces, conventionally sent three times, to make it easily recognisable amongst “CQ” calls which can be heard all over the radio spectrum.

However it seems radio operators were slow to adopt the convention of “SOS” and preferred to use the group “CQD” with the “D” designating distress. As the ship was sinking Jack Phillips apparently chose to send out “CQD de MGY” making the emergency call likely to appear more casual than was the case, because in adverse radio conditions this could have been mistaken for a generic “CQ” call !! This underscored the precise reason for the adoption of the very distinctive “SOS” call !!

To commemorate 100 years since this tragic event, over the period 14-15 April 2012 there will be many amateur radio special event stations operating, including one maritime mobile station from the spot where the ship went down. Why not come on the air and see whom you can hear or contact….

For further information see this link



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World Amateur Radio Day 18 April 2012

On April 18, 2012 we shall celebrate the World Amateur Radio Day on the 87th Anniversary of the founding of the International Amateur Radio Union, IARU.

This year the theme for the World Amateur Radio Day is “Amateur Radio Satellites: Celebrating 50 Years in Space” in remembrance of the launching of OSCAR 1 on December 12, 1961, and the launch of OSCAR 2 on June 2, 1962.

Radio amateurs around the world will be on the air, and there will be many special event stations from IARU member societies. Join in the fun and friendship of our hobby – take to the air, or listen and see who you can hear, then maybe exchange QSL cards to mark the occasion. Have a look at this link for more information and encouragement!

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Bus to Blackpool NARSA Rally 15 April 2012

Just a reminder that on Sunday 15th April 2012 Angel of The North Amateur Radio Club (contact Nancy Bone for details) is running a bus from Newcastle upon Tyne / Gateshead to the following radio rally:-

The 50th Norbreck Amateur Radio Electronics and Computing Exhibition at the Norbreck Castle Hotel Exhibition Centre, Queens Promenade, North Shore, Blackpool, FY2 9AA. Doors open at 11.00. Admission £5 (concessions £4, under 14s free). Sunday 15th April 2012.

A talk-in station will be on the air guiding in visitors.

(Rally contact = Dave Wilson, M0OBW 01270 761 608)

There may be some places remaining on the bus, but first-come-first-served! Get in contact soon!

Come & join us on Monday evenings at Angel of The North Amateur Radio Club (

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