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SIGINT can be defined as intelligence information gathered from communications intelligence or electronics intelligence or telemetry intelligence.

In the beginning the war will be secret

In the beginning the war will be secret

This is where we shall highlight arguably some of the more contentious activities across the entire r.f. spectrum from d.c to 1000GHz. Not everyone will be happy with what we publish. Nothing will be disclosed which is not already in the public domain. You just have to know where to look: watch this space, and try this tool!

VLF / ULF / SLF / ELF frequencies concern each and every one of us!

Experts have long suggested that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields can be dangerous to your health: some of the most common health problems associated with this exposure include migraines, insomnia, fatigue, heart disease, cancer and miscarriages.

Over 35 years ago a study was released showing that electromagnetic fields can be associated with childhood cancers like leukemia, but the debate still continues to this very day. Despite recent studies in scientific circles that gained this health threat extra public attention, there are still some people who conclude V L F (very low frequency) and E L F (extremely low frequency) fields are benign.

Well have a look at this: Detection and Imaging of Underground Structures Using ELF/VLF Radio Waves the HAARP high frequency active auroral research program. Very odd isn’t it that some of the noted links are no longer active such the HAARP home page! Someone somewhere would rather we didn’t know about all this…

Now go and read “Cross Currents” (excuse the American-English spellings therein ;-)) by Robert O. Becker and then tell me these fields are harmless! It is my considered opinion that the naturally-occurring fields around 3 to 10Hz (for clarification 3 to 10 Hertz not kHz or MHz) are some of the most important frequencies in existence and you interfere with them at your peril.

Be worried? YES I think you should start and ask all the utility companies loads of questions about the signals being superimposed onto our mains supplies for starters. The EU is forcing us into having predominantly fluorescent discharge low energy lamps in all our homes. Many people blame these lamps for causing fatigue and eye-strain, the high frequency types can irritate hearing enormously, and I know several colleagues who get headaches from working under these lamps. Some doctors have recommended people who are susceptible to epileptic seizures (PSE photosensitive epilepsy) be discouraged from being amongst such sources of artificial lighting..

Here is another fascinating phenomenon, the Taos Hum: if you go searching around the Internet (please use dogpile then you don’t always get the results determined by who has the largest wallet!) you don’t have to look far before thinking “someone somewhere DOES know from where this originates”.

Conspiracy theories: Read what Barry Lynes has to say about earlier work done with Cancer research: in particular the work done by Royal Raymond Rife, referred to in paragraph two of the book review by Theresa Welsh …..Rife was able to experiment with methods of killing tiny living micro-organisms that inhabit the human body. He found that bombarding them with the right frequencies (a.f. & r.f.) could cause them to literally explode….. That is as worrying as it is interesting especially when you read the downloaded frequency listings…..

More recently there has been a revival of interest in the work of Royal Rife which arguably spawned the start of The Bioelectromagnetics Society. Interestingly this somewhat secretive organisation has a secure log-in on their home page 🙂

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